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Remote Dekstop
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There are hundreds of remote desktop software on the market, in this review, we will be taking a looking at the AnyDesk Remote Desktop Application which is one of the most popular and fastest growing on the market. The company behind the software, AnyDesk Software GmbH is based in Germany, the AnyDesk Software is available for all major desktop operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


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- The program is totally free in its full version if you are using it for personal use.

- A very small file which means a fast download which is always a plus. The download size is around 3.5MB when I downloaded it.

- Has user-friendly features such as being able to use the software in fullscreen mode and also a help center wiki to answer any of the user's questions.

- You have the ability not just to view the other person's screen but also control their cursor and type for them as long as they give you access on their side. This is a very useful feature when trying to help someone or access something.

- Can access other computers remotely as long as they have the AnyDesk software installed and you know the access code needed to access their desktop.

- There is now also a mobile app for the AnyDesk remote desktop software that allows you to use and view files on any computer that is connected to the internet and has the software connected.

- Free regular updates that fix security issues, performance issues and also add and improve features very frequently.

- There is a chat box feature available which is very useful if someone has a problem with the mic or audio.


- There is a high risk of getting your computer hacked or get it infected with viruses as the AnyDesk password codes are not very strong

- Vulnerabilities arise around the file transfer feature as someone can send you files that contain viruses for you to download.

- There is no customer service available to 'personal use' customers if they have any problems, leaving them to figure out and fix any problems they may be experiencing themselves. However, users that pay for the business plan get customer service that will help solve their problems.

- The program depends on both parties having a fast internet connection to prevent lag.

- There is a limit on the free personal use version which prevents the user from having multiple sessions open with more than one user at the same time. This feature is only available for the paid business version.

- Only available for computers with the major operating systems, which means it will not work properly for all users.


To conclude the AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software is one of the top remote desktop software available on the market. It is great for personal use but there are much better remote desktop software out there that cost money to use but come with more features, increased security, and customization.


Remote Dekstop

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